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Comments from members of the original Travel Companion Exchange
Just got back from Brazil (Rio) with [another female member]. Had a great time. I am renewing for another 6 months.
Female member, New York
I recently became engaged to another TCE member- my deepest thanks and appreciation to you and your staff for providing the means for us to find each other. We are both very happy- thank you, thank you, thank you. I'll never forget TCE. We found each other almost immediately.
Male member
I leave tomorrow. Going to New York where I'll meet fellow TCEer and possibly travel companion (male member). Then onwards! Will let you know if he and I decide we're compatible & how our travels go. PS: Have met some really interesting people through TCE.
Female member, Canada
TCE has been extremely useful in providing me with lodging for tournaments in several cities. I was lucky enough to be lodged by [TCE member] for entire tournament. She cooked for me, lent me her car and was a gracious hostess. Hope I can reciprocate for her and other TCE members.
Male member, Delaware
One Christmas I spent listening to sacred music in churches around Paris. Another travel companion and I spent New Year's in Florida on his three-bedroom yacht; the place was as big as a house. And in my profile I indicated that I could fly small planes, so one travel companion and I went barnstorming through the Midwest, puddle-jumping from town to town.
Female member
I have been seeing another TCE member and he is perfect- we spent three delightful weeks in Europe- needless to say, I think Travel Companion Exchange is wonderful.
Female member, Oregon
You are attracting a good caliber of people. Thank you for being there.
Female member, California
Have successfully found a travel companion through your service.
Member going on a "Budget" trip around the world for over a year
The contacts I have made through TCE are very satisfactory. In fact they are so satisfactory there is serious doubt that more might be injurious to my health and detrimental to my ranch operation - Oh, what a way to go! Had a fun time to Jamaica wi th [TCE member] and super cruise to Rio & the Carnival; a fun two weeks golfing at Myrtle Beach- all were super nice travel mates. I am now recuperating and arranging refinance- all kidding aside, the [membership fee] is a bargain for the contacts.
Male member, a western rancher in a very remote area
Thank you TCE for making my utopian dream come true. I had the nicest visit from a TCE member a month ago . . . we had a great time visiting . . . he is retiring and we are going to take a trip for a few months, this has been my dream for a long time to travel across the USA with someone who enjoys traveling as I do.
Female member, Florida
TCE has brought a new "spark" to my life- being a widow and having the love of travel in my blood. Recently went to Central America & Brazil (Rio) with [TCE member]. Am glad I got my three female friends to join - they agreed that TCE is GRRREAT!
Female member, Florida
Will not renew. [Another member] has turned out to be 100% right for me, thanks to . . . TCE we had a great time in NYC last weekend. Thank you very much.
Male member, California
Dear Jens, I felt guilty for keeping silent the 1-1/2 years I've been with TCE because I've had so much success and enjoyment from the club and have failed to write and thank you personally for making it possible. . . . I've met men who flew in from as far as Hawaii and Europe, not to mention New York and [other states]. I've travelled with philosophers, physicians, attorneys, and business executives. Recently I went to China with [TCE member] I will be going to the Caribbean with him, then meeting another TCE friend in . . . Mexico again. All my travel expenses have been paid for - not that I can't afford it, but these wonderful gentlemen insisted on paying for it. I guess I'm lucky.
Female member
I have met one male member from . . . and corresponding with [anther member] from California and lady from Midwest. I am impressed with these people. All seem above average and interesting. Going to really get into this when I return from South America.
Female member, Washington
Sorry, I won't be renewing- due to the fact your organization works too well! Through TCE I met a wonderful girl and I suspect we'll be companions- travel and otherwise- for quite some time to come.
Male member, Florida
Have persuaded 3 people to join! Your service is excellent!
Female member, Canada
I find it necessary to tell you that I am overwhelmingly impressed . . . and the response I have been getting in return. This is an extremely good way to meet new friends and make new contacts. I have already booked a cruise with one of the girls. Thank you again.
Female member, Long Island, NY
I think you're doing a fantastic job and a much needed one. We (older women) are most1y active, willing to go. Thanks much for your caring.
Female member, New York
I have only praise for your program. I have hosted members from So Carolina and Texas, write to one in Washington- all finest character. So when I go there to re-locate, will be great having friends to welcome me. And those who have found someone are also very courteous in responding - think you are reaching a real fine class of humans - good luck.
Female member, New England