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Username : letsgo
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Member since : 2016-05-27
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hello friends
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share equally, might give some help with expenses
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male, female
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3049 days ago 0 comments Categories: Companions Tags:

I am spending a month in New Zealand from early February to early March 2014 and looking for a female traveling companion.  I would like to either rent a shared campervan or car and spend most of the time driving and hiking, with some time in larger cities, especially Auckland.


I'm flexible, easy going, fun to travel with (I'm told).  Let me know if you're interested

3092 days ago 1 comments Categories: Tags:

Yesterday a TCE member asked me-- complained a bit-- about why the member profile contains information about height and weight. "I'm just looking for a travel companion," she said. Fair enough.


When Jens Jurgen, the founder of the original Travel Companion Exchange, began his service in 1982, his main purpose was to help singles avoid the hated single supplement. He was rather surprised to discover that over 70% of his members were either specifically looking for a companion of the opposite sex, or were willing to accept one. Over the 20 years his service was in operation, he found that TCE was serving as a matchmaker in a large proportion of cases, and he constantly received news of marriages and permanent partnerships that resulted from people connecting through TCE.


In setting up this successor website, I had to take into account not only the new realities of the Internet, but the eternal realities of romance. Many single people have a hankering to find that someone special. And travelling together is a good way to test compatibility. In point of fact, about 45% of those registering on this website make the "Romance might be nice" selection in the "Relations" field on their profile.


So I had to find a way to serve not only the person looking to make a quick, one-time connection to share a cruise cabin, but also the person on a more serious search for a romantic or long-term partner. The solution is reflected in the varying membership levels. The Bronze membership means that for a token price, a person can pop on to the site, make a profile, do a basic serach for other members, and find a compatible companion without any great expectations. At the other end of the spectrum, a Gold membership suits the user who is going to spend a lot of time on the site, making contacts and conversation, looking more deeply at various characteristics of a potential partner.


It is only the Gold membership which allows a user to search for other members based on physical characteristics such as height and weight. For those users for which this is not a factor, not only are they not paying for this feature in the Bronze and Silver membership packages, but they need not be concerned that other users at a similar memberhsip level will be basing their search on those criteria.


All of which, of course, does nothing to address the underlying concern of women that men are too quick to judge a potential partner on the basis of superficial characteristics. Chatting recently with another TCE member, I got a sort of object lesson in the dilemmas this presents.


She is looking for a male companion, platonic only, to accompany her on a photographic trip to India. She grumbled that men are hesitant to make the first move-- that she is usually the one to have to initiate contact. I suggested that her photo on the site was a sort of "plain Jane" picture, and that if she used one of the more attractive photos I had seen on her Facebook page, she might find more men initiating. Her response to that was that then she would face an opposite problem, with men contacting her with unwelcome intent, so she had chosen the plain picture deliberately.


Sometimes you just can't win.   ;-)

3114 days ago 0 comments Categories: Tags:

My, my. It took about two weeks, but eventually the man I spoke about in my last post replied. He apologized for being abrupt, and asked for continued assistance. We got his problem sorted out, and he is now a happy member of the site.


But I turned a corner somehow with that experience, so when I was confronted again with a similar situation over the last couple of days, I took my response a little further.


After receiving a help request from someone who couldn't get the registration form to work, I sent the standard reply asking her to check if there were any error messages. I find that about half of such requests are cleared up this way-- people just didn't bother to scroll back up the page and look for the problem.


Her response: "Sorry, but I'm not really that dumb.


Anyone could figure out if there was something missing in the process. It was ALL FILLED OUT and no red flags. The JOIN BUTTON does not do anything at all and it's NOT because the blanks are not filled in.
Any other ideas?"
My initial reaction was to reply: "Maybe it just doesn't respond to impolite people," but I thought better of it and moved to the second stage of trouble-shooting. This involves first explaining that some businesses block their employees from using a page like this. If the user still can't get it to work at home, then I ask for the browser type and version, so I can try to reproduce the problem.
Her response: "No that's not it either.
1)  I am not at the office
2)  My computer here or there is not in any networking system and my computer at work is mine and mine only and locked up when I am not there.
3)  Windows and Internet Explorer

Can we move along?"


Apart from the obvious facts that when using her computer at work, she would have to go through their Internet gateway no matter what, and also that she failed to give me the browser version as requested, it seemed to me she was approaching insolence in her response.


This doesn't bother me for my own sake, but I begin to wonder in a situation like this, Why would I go to a lot of trouble to help a person like this join the site, who would be such an unpleasant person to introduce to my other members? I'm interested in helping people have happy trips, and I can't see anyone enjoying the company of someone who is abrupt and dismissive with anyone, let alone someone they are asking help of.


So I echoed her last comment, and replied, "Yes, I think it's probably best if you just move along. The other members of my site would enjoy having patient and polite fellow-travellers as potential companions.

Enjoy your travels.


Unlike the previous individual, she responded promptly, and angrily, confirming my impression. She threatened to include an account of my "dark side" in her "blogs," of which she said she had "several." This would be great, actually, as any mention of my site in a popular blog would help boost my Google page ranking, but alas-- on checking her website, her blog had only one entry, no followers, and a Google search failed to turn up any other mentions of her name.


I believe I may have saved somebody a miserable trip.  ;-)

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