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Why you should date a woman entrepreneur
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Women entrepreneurs are often unfairly assumed to be less serious about family obligations. There is a strong perceived notion that family comes second to them, after business. As a woman entrepreneur myself, and based on my discussions while writing Superwomen, a book based on women entrepreneurship, I’ve discovered an opposite and equally insidious stereotype about women’s romantic prospects. We might be tough while persuading VCs but at the same time capable enough to kindle a spark in the guy we like. Through this article, I would like to break the myth that dating women entrepreneurs is not great. Graphics by Aditya Ranade Independent –Women entrepreneurs are usually fiercely independent when it comes to taking care of their future, paying off debts, and other small things in family life. For them what is important would be seeking someone who can be their partner through their emotional ups and downs. They usually take care of small hiccups at home and in their businesses without breaking a sweat and are always optimistic in nature. Isn’t that an ideal characteristic in a partner? Someone who does not need rescuing from the smallest of things? Go-getters– Women entrepreneurs are dreamers and are living their dreams each day. They are women who not only make claims but also back them with substantial efforts to achieve them. What can be sexier for a guy than to be with a woman of substance who is also a go-getter? A content lot – As entrepreneurs, these women are doing something they love and are passionate about. Thus, despite having difficult business days, they always tend to return home with a smile. This nature makes them happy and content individuals. Research says happy and healthy individuals make great partners. Problem solvers – Challenges and setbacks are part of the daily work course of women entrepreneurs. They prefer looking for a solution to ranting over problems. They usually let go of the small hiccups and arguments for the sake of relationships, and are firm believers of seeing the whole picture. Problem-solving nature comes in as a handy virtue in their personal lives, especially when their partner get stuck with problems and needs a helping hand. Storytellers – Every day is very special and full of excitement in the lives of women entrepreneurs. Their typical day involves lot of interaction and research, which makes them smart and gives them the ability to think on their feet. When they come back home, they have a bunch of stories to share with their partner and each story is a learning experience that may help strengthen their personal bond, too. Inspiration – Women entrepreneurs have high-risk appetite and are usually a source of inspiration to their peers. Their partner/family feels proud of whatever they bring to the family. Even if their partner is from corporate life, there are chances that these entrepreneurs imbibe entrepreneurship in them and increase their partner’s risk appetite. Adaptable and open-minded – These lovely inspiring ladies are open-minded and adapt themselves to situations very easily. This is ingrained in their daily lifestyle, as they tend to meet people with different goals and agendas and are able to cater to them accordingly. These qualities help them take to life’s challenges in a better way. Effective communicators- Since a majority of their day goes into communication, be it via email, over the phone or in person, women entrepreneurs are very articulate in the message they want to pass through. Every guy would love to have a partner who gives it to them straight and doesn’t give mixed messages that perpetrate misunderstandings. Great time management skills – As entrepreneurs, they are great at multitasking. In addition to running a successful business, they have an active social life. With a great partner around them, they ensure they find the time for their personal lives too. Support partner’s career – Being successful themselves, they lend a helping hand to their partner’s career as well. Be it a professional advice or being a compassionate listener, they have it all to make anyone’s life beautiful and more meaningf To sum it up, women entrepreneurs take pride in their business-savvy, professional and personal resilience, and ability to multitask on a daily basis, and thereby celebrate their dual roles of being successful entrepreneurs and successful partners in the journey of life.

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The only thing I do not like about businesswomen is that they try to control everything around. And it concerns not only her business but also the relationship. It is difficult for her to build relations with a man who also had leadership qualities. I was dating such a lady online, she wanted a detailed explanation on my every action. And it was not tolerable, so we parted.

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