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Travel to Ecuador this October
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Hello Fellow Vagabundos(as). Headed to Ecuador in October with an eye to possibly relocating there in a year or two. My goal is to go for the gusto, experience much, learn a little, and leave my path littered with good memories, smiles, and the occasional glimpses of perfect existence, wherever and with whomever it may be. Sometimes a bit too uninhibited, always caring and mindful of others, and eager to wrap my soul around all that is good with the world, I am widely travelled, well-read, and educated enough to know that in reality I know very little. Always open to sharing a meal, drink, laugh, argument or life-changing experience with others. I plan to travel by bus, taxi, hired car, possibly even a rental car at times. I want to experience the country as best I can in 16 short days, not just the touristy areas. I am particularly interested in the cultural aspects of the country, checking out the local festivals, and getting to know the climate and terrain as best I can in a short period of time. I expect this to be the first of numerous trips to Ecuador to assess its potential as the focal point of my third stage of life. I'm a bit of the off-the-cuff traveler, not too tied down by plans or disturbed when things don't fall into place immediately. If you are interested in sharing in part of the adventure, hit me up.

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