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Quote16.06.2013 23:020 people like thisLike

Since TCE was launched, a lot of former Travel Chums members have found their way here. Let's hear what you like and don't like about this new site

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Unless I just can't find them, Chums site used to have 5-10 new travel requests every day by people looking for travel chums for a specific trip.  I looked under forums and blogs and find nothing.

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I agree with posting above. Ideally this site would provide an opportunity for people to connect up for specific travel events. For example I am looking for someone who might want to do a repositional cruise from Barcelona to Rio on a specific date. There is no board for that. It seems this site has been designed for people who in general have no one to travel with. It doesn't work.
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Robin, I've heard this comment from a few other previous TC members, and want to take heed if it's a valid criticism. But I can't be sure if this is just because the TCE site is structured a little differently, or if there is indeed something missing.


It is true that there is no "bulletin board" like there used to be on the TC site. But lots of people are posting specific travel plans.


If you want to find someone for that cruise on TCE, in your "Destinations" page (under "My account / Edit my profile) you can enter Rio as one of three specific destinations you are planning, along with any other details you think are pertinent. Then you will come up in the search returns when someone else is searching for "Rio" on the "Members search" page.


You might try doing a search yourself for someone who has already listed Rio as a Destination. (The main search selector only lists countries. To specify the city, you would have to use the "Other specific term" field near the bottom of the page, which can be used by Gold members only.)


Alternatively, you can post an ad on the "Ads" page, in the "Companions" section. This allows you to add a photo, but also it expires after a set period.


Let me know if this clears up your concern, or if there is still something about the old TC bulletin board that works better.


Brian Eugene

TCE Webmaster

Quote29.11.2013 13:160 people like thisLike

Agree site is useless.  Need a site where you can post where you are going to and get people who are interested. Used your destination try and nothing comes up. Too many filters. Should have place where you can make a request and people can answer you  Miss Travel Chums and its format.  This is just too much unneeded stuff.

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Could you clarify for me? You say you need someplace to "post where you are going to." The "Destinations" page on your profile is where you post where you are going to. Are you saying that something is wrong with the page, or that it is too hard to find, or that you prefer a different method? Have you checked out the "Ads" page, which has several categories for "Companions wanted"?


Much to my dismay, I have to agree that the site is too complicated and people are not using most of the features, so I plan to simplify and improve once my finances recover from getting the site up. First step will be to have a field right on the registration page to fill in your first "Destination," so that information will be in the system from the start. A great deal of the problem is that many people are not completing the "Destination" page on their profile.


Once a "Destination" is filled in, it displays with each member summary on the Members Search page. Then everyone can just browse the listings to find someone that interests them, which seems to be many members' preferred method.


I get many messages from people saying they love the site, but also some from people who don't like it, so I'm trying find out the differences in how they use the site and adjust.


Brian Eugene

TCE Webmaster

Quote28.12.2013 10:010 people like thisLike

I am sorry, but, I to agree with other people that to say that this site is useless, I was been enrolled in Travelchums for many years, and, I can to see that until now, no one other website, can be paragonable to the missed Travelchums website, wery well made, and with a lot of new members each days, not only because was free, I think that everyone would like  to pay an small amount for to have the possibility to contact and maybe to meet and travel together with someone if to have the possibility, if was been exactly like was Travelchum website, but, not a lot of money like you want for six month, then, bronze, silver or gold, what means?  You promote and invited people like me that was been in Travelchum to join your website, as new or replacement of the Travelchum website, but, I am sorry, here I can't feel like when I was in Travelchum, there was so easy to find friends and travel companions, I have good memory of this past time, and, I meet several friend there, that, with someone, we still good friends.


I hope that your website can become like was the Travelchum website, all my wish


Quote28.12.2013 12:200 people like thisLike



Thank you for your good wishes, and I assure you I am working to make the TCE site more useful. I understand that as a new site, this site does not have the size of membership that TC did, which had been around for twenty years or more. But we are growing. And I am trying to make the basic Bronze membership to be as simple as the TC membership used to be, and the Silver and Gold memberships have extra features for people who want those.


You say TC was "easy," while TCE is "hard." Can you give me some specifics? Can you tell me what the difference is? What is harder about browsing the listings on the Members Search page, compared to browsing the listings on the TC?


One problem that seems to be a big part of it, is that the TCE site is designed to function properly using the trip information on the "Destinations" page of users' profiles. But most people are not filling in that page, and seem to be putting that information in their "Description." So I am working on two solutions:


1) a "Destination" field will be added to the initial registration form, so users will have to supply details of at least one trip when they sign up, which will then be stored on their "Destinations" page; and


2) I am re-designing the function of the "Description" display on the Members search page, so users can click on a "+" sign to expand it and read the entire thing without having to click through to the other member's profile.


I am open to suggestions.



Quote02.01.2014 00:400 people like thisLike

Brian, email me at my real email address and i'll send you a sample of what I think people are wanting to be able for us to engage with each other.  paul        pault14@bresnan.net

Quote02.02.2014 09:580 people like thisLike

Brian, "I swear" (southern colloquilism).  I'm sure your vision will fall into place

...so structure your business with your plan. Kudos for your initiative.


Liked Robin's posting, for we who would be open to options we hadn't considered, as well as plan a specific trip...the road less traveled and all that..

Numbers are the key and I'm hopeful they will get there, and, admit it folks, we are here because other sites didn't offer what we wanted!


Would like to see conversation thread when responding...that may be possible and has just eluded me thus far,

but it seems to result in a lot of back-and-forth.

Much good luck...cheering you on. Sher


Quote02.02.2014 19:220 people like thisLike

Hi all,


For the information (and encouragement) of those former TC members who are watching this forum, I will say that as a result of reviewing the comments and e-mails I have received, talking in depth with a couple of you, and also discussing with the guy who programmed the original TC site, I think I have a picture now of what it is you are so dearly wishing for.


The message board on the former TC site was based on very old Web bulletin board software which is no longer available. So I am going to try and have a similar feature programmed from scratch for this site. This is taking some time to design and organize-- it was a very simple interface, but developing it anew is not so simple. Also, I am having to weigh whether to have it a completely isolated function as it was on TC, or to integrate each post with the "Destinations" on that member's profile, so people searching on the Members Search page will find the trip plans which have been posted on the Message Board as well.


I'm hoping to have this up and running by the end of February, and will be sending out an announcement when it is. Many other smaller changes will be taking place over that time as well.


Stay tuned!



Quote05.03.2014 06:020 people like thisLike

Hi Brian


Just to put some balance here I cannot agree with the other members who have posted such comments as 'this site is useless'. I happen to think that you have made a lot of improvements over the old TC site, which was far from the polished article that people have suggested. If however they think your efforts have been that bad they can always try setting up a rival site or seek a better option. Contrary to what someone else suggested I think you have already discovered that prospective members aren't willing to pay for such sites as there are other free sites providing similar services.


You have created more options, than the old TC site, for members to post details that will help people to decide who they may wish to contact and / or who they may want to buddy up with. Aside from biographical data they can map prevous destinations, post photographs and show future plans. It really isn't that complicated to complete the profile or to make searches. Members themselves make searches more difficult by failing to complete their profiles or only giving limited information. I confess I am one of these as half the time I have no idea where I am going next. But you can hardly be held accountable for this.


I have exchanged some useful mail with other members to receive and give information on destinations. So for me it is working. I would just like to see more members joining especially from Europe, Asia and Australasia. To some extent this is also down to us to encourage friends to join. The more who join and the more who participate the better the site will become. Keep up the good work.

Quote10.03.2014 02:550 people like thisLike



Thanks for your input, and your kind words. Yes, a lot has gone into developing this site and there are a lot of features that TC didn't have. And of course TC had built up a member list of some 50,000 over the 20-odd years it was operating, so just the sheer weight of numbers meant that users had a much better chance of finding someone of interest on the site.


TCE is built around the Members Search page-- everything feeds into and out of that, so as you say, if members are not filling in their profiles, then the way the site works is undermined because the Members Search function only looks in those profiles.


Many users are familiar with that functionality and are comfortable with it. And I have already made some changes to the registration pages to improve the amount of information that gets into the profiles. And more changes are coming.


But regardless, it does seem I need to simplify this site for those who don't want to engage in a more conventional social networking environment. In other words, for them the focus is on the TRIP, not on the PERSON. A lot of previous TC members-- I have had feedback here and elsewhere from several-- want a different style of interaction.  They want to be able to post their trip plans, view other posts, see others' replies and make their own replies-- all on the same page. Get in and get out quickly. I have been told by the guy who was the system administrator for TC that those who used the message board were a minority of TC members, but they used the feature a lot.


It has yet to be seen if I will be able to come even close to reproducing that message board here. The fundamental problem is that this site is built in a different programming language than the TC site was, and having all those functions on the same page is not proving feasible. So I am struggling with my programmer to come up with something that is at least as straightforward.


In the mean time I hope to be introducing some other revisions soon that will improve the user experience for everyone, and then -- yes-- the big need is to build up the membership, both numbers and diversity. But I hope to keep the main orientation towards the over-45 demographic-- people who are experienced and frequent travellers.


Brian Eugene

TCE Webmaster


Quote16.03.2014 08:030 people like thisLike

Hi Brian


Those who who maybe look back on TC with nostalgia possibly overlook it's flaws. It seems to be an unfortunate human trait to only offer criticim rather than praise where it is due.


I appreciate you don't want to deter potential members but if folk are only looking for quick fixes over destination based information there are numerous options on the net for that already. My experience of using those sites is that they quickly become cluttered with half hearted destination wish lists and outdated information. It is hard to see the wood for the trees.


Members do have the option on your site to post future destinations / information requests under the bloggs and forums pages don't they?


I personally like to see the combination of member profiles, as well as past and future destination information, that you have designed. This makes it possible to approach apparently like minded people for further information if you so wish. As we have both said it is down to us to make sure our profiles are adequately completed. Good luck with your future changes.

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