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I wonder how many people who were members of the original Travel Companion Exchange will end up finding this site and joining. Let's get together in this forum and share stories.

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I have been absent for 20 years and was delighted to find this site again.  I met wonderful people who would buzz by my hometown Chicago or I would meet when on the road.  Glad to see i is 'still alive'. \

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It is an excellent site and I have paid to be a Gold member as I have met the best people on here.

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I just got a message today that this site is free again, so I'm back.

Would love to join a group to some new adventure.

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I joined Travel Chums before it became Meetup.com. Still searching for travel buddies after all these years

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Welcome to TCE, FlaGal!


Actually, Travel Chums didn't merge with Meetup.com. Long story short-- the owners gave up the site due to a pending lawsuit from some patent trolls, and their web developer and I eventually agreed to give the members a discounted membership to this site. (This was before TCE began offering a free Bronze membership.


The original welcome page can still be seen here: http://www.travelcompanionexchange.com/tce/squeeze/travelchums/

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I took one trip with a TravelChum back in 2008 and it worked out well.  Found this site when I was looking for the Chums.  Haven't been active but now would like to find a travel partner.

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