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Norwegian Coastal Voyage: Mature Female companion
Quote22.06.2014 13:320 people like thisLike
I am booking a 12 day Hurtigruten Lofoten cruise RT from Bergen, Norway on 6/9/15 and looking for someone to share the inside cabin with me. Got a very good deal, have not yet made my air arrangements (I will be traveling from Southern California, probably on Norwegian Airlines).

Looking for female, mature, non-smoker, snoring OK (I snore a bit myself) to share who is interested in the spectacular scenery on this trip, and won't miss the lack of shows or other entertainment provided on these ferry cruises with Hurtigruten. We don't need to be joined at the hip for the trip...OK to do things on your own, even dining if that is your preference.

Please e-mail me at kld123 at earthlink dot net or respond here.

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Quote13.01.2015 15:170 people like thisLike

Wow,this sounds exciting...I'm really interested.  First, I'd like to know the cost of the cruise itself.  I don't smoke, not sure of snoring,but if I don't, it is minimal.  Am not needy and love the idea of adventure. I'd like to hear more.  My e-mail is lgspain2003@yahoo.com.  I live in Austin, tX and am a Mexican American female, retried from Texas State Gov.  Hope to hear from youi.  Lupe

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I tried emailing with address you posted but it didn't go through have copied my message here.


I read your post re: Norwegian Cruise on Travel Companion Exchange.  I am interested and would like to know more.  I am Lasandia on the exchange.  You can email or call me.

Elaine Adams
(916) 316-6433
Quote22.01.2015 20:090 people like thisLike

Sorry, I should have closed this message. I actually have booked this as a single already for May, on the Trollfjord instead, and am no longer looking for a companion. I am certainly looking forward this this trip, and will probably be looking for companions for future trips sometime in 2016 or later.

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