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New Year's Eve - best spot on each continent!
Quote03.11.2013 13:491 people like thisLike

Hello everyone. This must be the quietest forum I have ever seen, so let me try to create a post that might result in more than one response. If I manage to get a thread with more than three participants, I think I have made a TCE record and deserve a reward :) So please help me!


My New Year's plans just got scrapped which means I am left with a funny situation of having nothing planned, which risks the materialization of paralysis by choice. So now the whole world is out there - what to choose? You can google the best places in the world for New Year's and get the usual suspects, but how about TCE (wink wink) takes the initiative of setting up one location on each continent it has members in for a New Year's meet up. To help the pick the spots, add your recommendations below and if you're lucky, I might join you, but if you're really lucky a bunch of TCE folk might as well. New Year's with a bunch of traveling people all in one place - what a better place to plan travel for 2014?


Let's do this!

Quote03.11.2013 14:081 people like thisLike

OK, so let me take the first shot at this for this year:


- Europe: Barcelona

- North America: Las Vegas

- Asia: Boracay, Philippines

- Australia: Port Douglas

- Africa: Cape Town

- South America: Rio


Please comment!

Quote04.11.2013 09:150 people like thisLike

This is a great idea, and could become a fantastic annual meetup. There are so many places in the world with great New Year's celebrations






My votes would be Dubai because it is so spectacular, or Myanmar because it is so quirky. But the reality may be, with our current membership, that starting in USA or Europe might be more feasible.


Let's hear from people who are game-- where would you be interested and able to meet? I will do what I can to facilitate through the TCE website.


Brian Eugene

TCE Webmaster

Quote20.11.2013 08:080 people like thisLike

Sydney is the best place in Australia to spend New Years Eve - not Port Douglas.  IMO they are the best fireworks on our Harbour Bridge in the world.

Quote19.12.2013 19:190 people like thisLike

I am spending New Year's eve in Singapore.  I read online that it is supposed to be in the top 10 for watching the fireworks.  I'll let you know next year!!

If anyone else will be there - let me know as I am going solo.  I splurged to get a hotel right where the fireworks are.

Quote16.07.2014 04:230 people like thisLike

How about the mystic Prague (Czech Republic)?!

Dubai is ok-ish.. nothing special really apart from the 2-min fireworks from Burj Khalifa.. nightlife is a bonus tho ;)

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