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I posted this under ads, but in case people don't look there, I will repost it here, Brian if I can't post it two places, please let me know and I will remove one.


I want to travel across the large country we have in the U.S. in an RV, have not gotten much response, maybe people who already have an RV want to travel alone so thought I might try another way to find someone to do this, someone without an RV and doesn't want to get one but has a car. I am thinking of buying this  https://happiercamper.com/, and travel with someone who has a car. Due to the weight of the camper from 1100 dry weight to 1800 maximum, it can be  pulled like by a variety of vehicles. (Yes, I do not have it yet, but am gauging my response on the level of interest other people have. )
I know there are people saying that it's too risky, what if I buy the camper and I do not get along with the person, that I'll be stranded. In the worst case scenario I CAN afford to rent a truck to haul it somewhere (and I will do my research to put in a place I can put it where I can put it in place for a long while) or if need be, just buy a car ( I do NOT want to do that as it would be too boring to travel alone and although I CAN drive and have license, I do not want to do it ALL myself)  I rather travel with someone, who with his/her own car/truck makes it more even as we are both bringing something to the table  (it seems usually when you share the RV, the person sharing who doesn't own it just wants to pay for helping the gas which is a little unfair)  and then in our travels we split food and gas.  I would like to get to know someone very, very well and I would like at the very least do this with someone who at the minimum do this for at least 3 months and the maximum a year.  Before I make a firm purchase agreement, I can pay the cost of renting the van for a short time to see our compatibility.
The great thing about this camper is it's modular system (download the brochure from the site.)  You can arrange the "furnishing"s so if you have something you want  to bring like a motorcycle/bike/kayak you can put it there while traveling and then take it out at night as well as the kitchen,  (if need be and you feel it safe) and put the cushions down for sleeping. You can put the sleeping sections down in any order as far away as possible (the brochure show the various arrangements) or if a relationship develops we can sleep closer LOL!  I want to make this VERY clear, although I am NOT looking for a hookup, am not averse to having a relationship develop but that must NOT be a requirement. I am used to being around men but not opposed to traveling with a woman (and then the foregoing need not apply, LOL.)
I am 62, and get some SS and have savings, although it is better if it IS someone close to my age that has some kind of pension, ss, disability and savings that s/he can count on  so we have something NOT dependent on finding work even as camp hosts, I will consider all ages, as long as there is sufficient income to pay his/her way for the expenses. I figure we should at least figure on $1k (each) a month for fuel, food, camping fees. (can be flexible) I DO have a lifetime senior pass for Federal Lands, perhaps my travel mate and I might want to get a membership to Thousand Trails or some place similar and that cuts the camping fees way down, but we would have to get along very well and travel a long time to do that.
My profile has more details about me and if you message me, I will give you both my private email address and phone number.
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