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I am in the midst of planning a combination trip to Israel, Jordan and Egypt around the first 3 weeks of September 2015. I would like to go with a small group of women who are laid back and fun, preferably between 35 - 60's. I live in Northwest, N.J.   I am spiritually oriented (not religious but very interested in energy principles) but the tours I'm looking into are not spiritually oriented per se so you don't have to be spiritual. I will be registering for a single room supplement but would like to go with others I know so I'm not solo during the tours and activities. I'm currently looking into different tour options/companies. So far, it's looking like the costs for the trip will be between $3500 -$5500 depending on whether you sign up for a single room supplement and whether you choose a 4 or 5 star hotel package.  This cost includes lodging, meals and tours (including entry fees to different sites). The cost does NOT include airfare.

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