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Quote22.01.2021 05:590 people like thisLike

I have a very stressful job. What advice can you give me to get rid of stress?

Quote22.01.2021 09:550 people like thisLike

Have you tried CBD oil? This oil can help you get rid of headaches or anxiety. I think your nerves have a headache. Now is a very difficult time and a lot of people worry about the future. This oil helps relieve anxiety and headaches.

Quote08.05.2021 05:340 people like thisLike

Maybe you should consider quitting your stressful job and starting a personal business, for example in Europe? It is very profitable and not as difficult as it seems. Learn more about company registration uk in the Osome service. This will be your salvation and will allow you to personally regulate your working hours. Good luck!

Quote13.05.2021 04:170 people like thisLike

Hello, how I understand you and how I myself would like to follow the advice I give)) Only a vacation and a change of job will help, believe me. Yes, it only sounds easy, but there is no cure for stressful work)

Quote30.08.2021 10:190 people like thisLike

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