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I have a similar situation with an essay
Quote27.02.2020 14:140 people like thisLike

I have a similar situation with an essay. I am a foreign student who attends high school in the USA.
I got a good grade when I was 10, but then I had to change schools. Here, English teachers are tougher than in the previous one.
If I wrote an essay poorly, I will have to visit my teacher, after my class. The teachers here are happy to help and suggest how to improve the essay to get the best grade. But it’s easier for me to find a free essay writing service on the Internet such as this https://writingessays.com one and order an essay there.

Hope this will be helpful :)

Quote05.05.2020 07:060 people like thisLike

A lot of people struggle with writing in English if it is not their own language. You can improve it, don't worry.

Quote05.05.2020 07:080 people like thisLike

Many of us struggle with writing and not only foreign students have problems with that. Some teachers require you to write really good essays and some don't. I had one teacher that would always fail me for some reason while I was getting good grades on other essays. I got really angry and I tried to test him by having a professional write my essay. I contacted smartpapers247.com and they did everything for me. They have done the research, they've organized everything and in a few days I had my essay. I realized that my essays were not that good when I got the best grade for essay that was written by a professional. Since then I've been hiring them and I don't regret it at all.

Quote28.10.2020 07:460 people like thisLike

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