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I am more ambitious, instead of just the U.S....
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why not travel around the world in an RV http://roadslesstraveled.us/around-the-world-in-an-rv


I'd like to buy a USED etrek http://www.roadtrek.com/models/e-trek/ as it's the best I think, like an expedition vehicle with good traction and off roading capablilities but better on gas mileage. Would like to meet someone who either wants to split half the cost of the purchase of the vehicle or willing to buy all the gas and do most of the driving and being multi lingual would be a BIG plus, I can also speak Mandarin Chinese, which is a GREAT second language as their always stores and restaurants run by Chinese who I can communicate with. You have to have some source of income as I can not afford to pay your expenses on the trip. It's better that you message me privately then reveal all your contact info on this public forum.

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