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Dudes: Do you actually give a shit about lingerie?
Quote24.07.2020 15:230 people like thisLike

I'm a bit a lingerie enthusiast. I have a nice collection of underthings amassed over time that I really enjoy wearing. The thing is, I'm consistently surprised by the fact that no dudes seem to give a shit. Is this a totally false expectation set up by romantic comedies and the like? Do you appreciate nice panties but refrain from commenting? Or are y'all just more focused on what's underneath them? Just curious.

Edit: Apparently the definition of "lingerie" is somewhat contested. I looked it up and the dictionary definition is pretty vague - "underwear, sleepwear, and other items of intimate apparel worn by women." Obviously the colloquial use is more specific than that, but it doesn't seem a though there's a line drawn in the sand. My taste/definition is informed by blogs like this one and is more broad than strictly Agent Provocateur-style mesh and bondage pieces, but stops short of anything that could be purchased at The Gap. Not sure if this helps at all, but there it is.

Quote25.07.2020 08:420 people like thisLike

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