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Don't pay for the membership, it's scam
Quote26.04.2018 13:290 people like thisLike

Join for free, then check from time to time how many members here are actually online. If you catch 1 or 2 persons, you are lucky. Most of time there is none.


No one is there, even the site admin. And they want paid membership for this?!

I warned you. Do NOT pay for nothing.

Quote08.06.2018 03:240 people like thisLike

You are lucky that unlike FB, the owner of this site did not delete your negative posting. I have nothing to do with the owner of this site but felt it should be defended. This paid membership on here is NOT a scam, there are plenty of scams, those websites like Our Time that say it's free to join and then you join and find out you can do nothing with the free membership, they just want to look like they have a lot of members which you can peruse before you join and then AFTER you join giving out your personal information, you find out you can't do anything unless you pay, this site allows free members to do anything except contact Gold members who only want other gold members to contact them. There is one called Travbuddy that had a $10 lifetime membership and I just found that they went out of business, I hope they did NOT sell "lifetime" memberships like  some gyms I know the day before they closed forever.


It does seem like in the past, that were more people online, perhaps with the plethora of other sites springing up, people started using other sites, having a topic like yours, certainly doesn't help and will scare people away.  The nice thing about this site, is that it is directed towards older people, the other sites seem to be directed to  VERY young people, but then again as older people we are supposed to have more money and not need to share as much Wink!


I think Brian is doing this as a labor of love to help older people find travelmates and NOT for the money, I don't think there are that many paid members and I don't see any advertising like on some other travelmatching sites where they also often book people. It is also not a fancy site with bells and whistles but it does try to help.   Besides the person you want to contact does NOT have to be ON the site for you to message them. I am going to write Brian and make some suggestions.

Quote09.06.2018 12:261 people like thisLike

Since evagoblog has been kind enough to post a response defending the integrity of this site, I'll take a moment to add a couple of comments.


First, TCE does not pretend to be anything other than it is-- a small corner of the Internet where seasoned travellers can find a partner to travel with. Though I usually don't find out when this results in people finding each other, I do get enough feedback to know that a lot of people are successful in finding a compatible partner for one, or several, trips.


No, there are not often many people on the site at one time. Apart from having a comparatively small membership, the site is not designed as a chat platform. Most people come on, quickly check messages or browse new listings, then leave. Once they do start an extended conversation with another member, they often take that conversation off-site and use e-mail or telephone.


And no-one is required to pay for a membership. The large majority of functions are available with a free membership, and a large majority of members have joined for free. And I happily refund the cost of membership to anyone who does pay, and is not satisfied with the upgrade.


This site is a personal project, done in an attempt to provide a helpful service. If you have an interest, you can read some background here The site has many shortcomings, which I admit, and once time and funds allow, I hope to be addressing those. And some day . . .I may even find a way to recoup some of my investment!  ;-)


Brian Eugene

TCE Webmaster

Quote09.06.2018 15:320 people like thisLike

I would like to amend a couple of things that I said in my previous post. First this site doesn't "try" to help it DOES help, have met a person to travel with (didn't try so hard before) and just recently after contacting many, many people have gotten a lot of responses, and although this site does have more older people than some of the newer sites, it is not "directed" towards older people, but since many members are a carryover from a previous travel site (showing their loyalty and that they just don't join and then leave right away like some members of other travel match sites)  that had been in business for many years (unlike some newer sites like the aforementioned TravBuddy which may have been discontinued if the owners got bored with it and or it wasn't profitable etc).  Also even if we as an older population may have more money, it isn't necessarily for the sharing of expenses that we desire a travel companion but just to share to have someone to share the experience with. Unlike POF (mentioned below) which demands every detail of your private life, this site is very flexible as to what details of your private life you want to give out.  I was wrong to speculate as to why it seems that less people were online and I apologize for that, there may be people like me, that didn't get on until they got an email, which makes it a vicious cycle, so given the responses I got when I went on a marathon yesterday and contacted a lot of people and got an plethora of responses, I've determined to be more active on here.


The beauty of this site IS the simplicity of it, am tired of these new fancy sites where you have to scroll through this and that to find what you want, it may be prettier but also may also drive the cost up to maintain it as they are usually on paid membership sites. Plenty of Fish dating site and Craigslist (online classifieds) succeeded despite the way they looked BECAUSE of it's simplicity but unlike them (where the owners just let the site be self governing to keep the costs down I assume, it was hard to get a response) Brian always responds quickly if you email him, he treats bronze memberships with the same respect as he does with the gold. Note to Brian, google both of the former sites I mentioned, if you wondering if you will ever recoup your investment, see how much the owners of those sites got when they sold it, it's enough for you to take Viking, Crystal and Siversea cruises and Monogram tours  for the rest of your life, but I just don't  think it's your style of travel Wink!  I like the way you run this site, and hope you stay with it for many years!

Quote30.08.2018 02:260 people like thisLike

I have only joined a few hours ago and don't know how well it will work out for me, time will tell. How can you call it a scam! You can see profiles, send and get messages for free! I guess people who have had some luck here take a pay membership to help with the cost of running the web site. That is NOT a scam; just life, things cost money!

Quote22.08.2019 06:030 people like thisLike

It does seem like in the past, that were more people online, perhaps with the plethora of other sites springing up, people started using other sites, having a topic like yours, certainly doesn't help and will scare people away.  The nice thing about this site, is that it is directed towards older people

Quote28.01.2020 13:340 people like thisLike

I do not agree paid membership is a scam. On the contrary, it proves to me that the users of the site have serious intentions and do not join just of pure interest. Another positive sign is that once you pay, there will be a possibility to trace the user in case of some urgent situations. And those who want free service may find a lot of similar sites online https://areaphonecodes.com/united-states/678. Though, no guarantee about the quality.

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