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Diaper Change Accessories for a Clean, Happy Baby
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A clean baby is a happy baby, so finding the right accessories to create an efficient and comfortable environment for diaper changes is one of the most important steps a parent can take when welcoming a new baby. Creating a centralized diaper changing center in the nursery, keeping a diaper bag well-organized for trips outside and setting up small changing stations throughout a home help make cleaning your baby a more pleasant experience. Learn about the different features of diaper change accessories to choose the best essentials for a growing family.

Keep a Nursery Smelling Fresh

Dirty diapers are a way of life for new parents, so getting a diaper change station set up before a baby is born is an important step towards integrating a newborn into a household. A well-organized changing area can keep a nursery clean and fresh so parents and baby can enjoy spending time playing, reading and snuggling for sleep. The first thing parents should invest in is a specialized bin that keeps the odour from soiled diapers enclosed. Lightly scented bags made especially for these diaper pails may add an extra layer of freshness to keep the room airy. Changing pad covers should be changed often, and the changing table should be wiped down frequently.

Organization Makes Life Simpler

Changing a newborn is easier than changing older infants or toddlers who are curious and squiggly and who love grabbing things. To keep kids safe, the changing table should be in a secure place with the changing pad properly affixed to the top with straps so it doesn't slip off. As with a newborn, the child should never be left unattended. That's why it's extra important to have all the needed supplies right at hand. Disposable diapers, diaper wipes, rash cream, extra changing pad covers and garbage bags can be stored on the changing table's lower shelves. Individual containers can help keep supplies neat and separated. If space is at a premium, extra organizers can be added to the side of the table while shelves and hanging diaper stackers for clean diapers can be affixed to a nearby wall. An out-of-reach setup works especially well for those who need to keep diaper change supplies away from curious toddlers.

Babies on the Go

Babies need to get changed even when they're out and about, which challenges parents to be prepared for changes on the go. A diaper bag that is kept well-stocked can save time when getting ready to leave the house and also keeps parents from scrambling for needed items when doing quick changes in shopping mall bathrooms or other places that aren't always properly equipped. Extra items like wet/dry bags and portable disinfectant wipes can make the experience cleaner and more streamlined.

The Right Products for Every Baby

All babies are different, which means it might take some trial and error to figure out which diaper change products work best. For instance, parents of smaller babies might find that newborn diapers fit perfectly as soon as their baby is born while those with larger infants discover that baby doesn't fit in them at all. Having a selection of diaper sizes ready when a baby comes home prevents an unexpected dash to the store. Some babies enjoy scented baby wipes, while others might prefer the unscented kind developed for sensitive skin. Most babies develop at least a mild diaper rash at some point, so it's important to take proactive measures to protect them by applying a barrier cream or diaper rash cream at each diaper change. 

Shop at Walmart Canada for the right combination of diaper change essentials to make it easy to keep your baby clean.

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