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Quote28.02.2021 11:110 people like thisLike

I'm in the Netherlands now and to my surprise, a ton of stores and services accept crypto here. Where can I buy it for immediate use and maybe for long-term investments?

Quote28.02.2021 11:290 people like thisLike

That's why I love the Netherlands and for a couple of additional reasons as well. Though the crypto is widely accepted there, it's mostly Bitcoin. And given the fluctuations in price for the last couple of weeks, it's better to use a fast exchanger. And when it comes to investments I recommend BCH, it looks way more promising. You can buy both here https://btcbit.net/buy-bitcoin-cash-bch-with-credit-card

Quote06.03.2021 08:050 people like thisLike

Great great. That's all I actually needed. Thank you my friend will use it

Quote02.12.2021 09:400 people like thisLike

Recently, I have been observing a great interest of dummies in cryptocurrency. It is ok. However, such people should not rush to invest. To begin with, study the article about Trading view and you will understand that buying and selling bitcoins is much easier than you think. In fact, cryptocurrency is a great investment and experience will come to you over time.