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Best and worst places in the world to travel to
Quote05.03.2013 00:081 people like thisLike

Sure, the worst place in the world to travel to is a sun destination where it rains every day of your stay-- but let's have some REALLY good stories.

Quote19.10.2013 02:320 people like thisLike

There is a tie for the worst place to visit.....Pyongyang and Seoul, Korea and Kigali, Rwanda are the worst places that I've ever been.I'm sure there are worse places but these are BAD.

Quote29.03.2018 08:440 people like thisLike

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Quote17.04.2018 21:580 people like thisLike

I signed up recently. This site is dead. I mean DEAD.

One-two members online as I re-check it from time to time.

What a waste of time. Thankfully, not money with free option.

Quote20.12.2019 10:260 people like thisLike

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