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Best Cash Back Credit Cards of April 2020
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Cash back is the most flexible of all credit card rewards. Instead of points that you have to figure out how to redeem — and that you might not be able to redeem for something you want — you get real dollars and cents that you can use for, well, anything. Depending on the card you use and where you use it, you'll earn cash rewards of 1% to 6% of the amount of each transaction.

Cash back credit cards come in three varieties: flat-rate, bonus category and tiered. Flat-rate cards pay the same rate on everything. Bonus category cards pay a higher rate in categories that change from time to time and 1% on everything else. Tiered cards pay higher rates on certain types of purchases, such as gas or restaurant meals or groceries, and 1% on other spending. No single cash back card is a good fit for everyone. Make your choice based on how you spend money.

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Hello. To promote their products, stores use many ways that are beneficial to the buyer. Cashback is one of them. In the US, this type of saving is very popular and almost everyone uses it. I don’t even know a single friend of mine who would not use such a service. It seems to me that this arrestyourdebt.com is the most popular service that mankind has ever come up with. Do you guys agree with me?