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created by dresoie 25.11.2019 09:48 • last reply by jooikls 25.11.2019 15:02There are many products on the market for hair loss, but so many of these so-called solutions tend to draw attention to and e...
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created by mrhutch2u 03.09.2019 10:32 • last reply by dresoie 09.11.2019 12:43I can’t get any messages to send! Any suggestions?
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Second home exchange

created by No_Viking 05.03.2013 00:36 • last reply by dresoie 08.11.2019 16:33The typical home exchange is a great idea, but it is limited because your home is only available when you are away, so you ha...
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New Year's Eve - best spot on each continent!

created by Hpkfun 03.11.2013 13:49 • last reply by dresoie 22.09.2019 11:10Hello everyone. This must be the quietest forum I have ever seen, so let me try to create a post that might result in more th...
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Cruise cabinmate wanted 2015-06-29 Alaska-Vancouvr

created by RoadTrip 21.03.2015 22:50 • last reply by dresoie 06.09.2019 15:08Cruise from Anchorage to Vancouver on the "Norwegian Sun" cruise ship - $499 per person in double cabin facing inside: Roomma...
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Discreet gay man looking for discreet lesbian

created by Discreetgay 10.03.2019 16:31 • last reply by Discreetgay 10.03.2019 16:31 Well since so many in Hollywood have this arrangement why not me? I am...
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Travel to Ecuador this October

created by voyajeur 10.07.2014 16:21 • last reply by najamali 30.07.2018 03:42Hello Fellow Vagabundos(as). Headed to Ecuador in October with an eye to possibly relocating there in a year or two. My goal ...
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vegas September?

created by marcelrose 09.03.2014 19:50 • last reply by Hannah_777 29.03.2018 09:43We want to go to vegas in september wife wants to see Katy Perry on 26th but still want to get away open to staying anywhere ...
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Spain Road Trip June-July

created by iRon 04.06.2014 05:58 • last reply by Hannah_777 29.03.2018 09:43Seasoned traveler will start road trip from Madrid June 23. --> Lisbon ...
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England/Great Britain in December.

created by seasghost 13.07.2014 16:18 • last reply by Hannah_777 29.03.2018 09:42I am planning a trip to Great Britain in December.  I am looking for another single female or a female group to join m...
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