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3074 days ago 2 comments Categories: Tags: Mexico, Children, adventure

We didn’t live “safe”! We traveled with our 4 children to foreign countries since they were babies. Our first trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, our youngest was 3 years old. He was thrilled to be on the airplane.

When the pilot announced that we were landing in Cabo, he announced over the speaker system: “This is your Captain speaking; I want to wish you all a great trip while in Mexico.”


Our son widened his eyes and exclaimed with enthusiasm: “I can’t believe we are going to see Peter Pan and Tinkerbelle!”

Samuel was remembering the story of Captain Hook and Peter Pan. He had never heard a “Captain” speak before; his innocent mind merely assumed that the captain speaking was Captain Hook.

My adult children still visit Cabo San Lucas. Attached is a photo of us- hot and grimey taken over 20 ago, on the glass bottom boat. All continue to travel and have volunteered in many a foreign country. Memories, of travel, are an amazing legacy to leave with your children…amazingly unsafe and therefore unforgettable