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Tags - The region of Basilica
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Basilicata’s natural beauty, ancient culture, deeply rooted local traditions, Mediterranean food, and above all the warmth and hospitality of its people, provide an unforgettable experience. Travel often is on secondary roads through the Apennine Mountains to small hilltop villages, with dramatic panoramas of mountain ridges and rolling hills.

The city of Matera in the region of Basilica has gone from the 1950s scourge of southern Italy to a tourist attraction. The City of Matera was designated a UNESCO World Heritage city in 1993. The ancient district of Matera, known as the Sassi, is one gigantic sculpture that has been carved out of the soft limestone like rock along the side of a ravine, creating houses, churches, and other structures. It has been the setting for many biblical films including The Nativity and The Passion of the Christ.