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40 days ago 0 comments Categories: Musings Tags: Travel, Exchange, Profile, Etiquette

Good morning and happy weekend to all!


Sometimes I wonder if my blog comments are disappearing and not seen.  It would be so nice to hear from someone.  And that brings me to my rant for this month.  <LOL>


We are all members of a website that attracts travelers who would like to exchange experiences and plans in hopes of finding a companion/travel buddy.  Well gee folks, if each of us don't take time to read and write, how can we ever get acquainted and find what we're looking for?  We're a family with a common interest so let's get acquainted.  :)


As I browse through the member listing, I've noticed so many profiles that aren't completed, say very little in the narrative, and some that are several years old.  It seems to me that if you want to be noticed, you have to advertise your own style and travel tastes.  Please take time to update your profile and write a few things about yourself so others can know if it's worth contacting you or not.  This is an "exchange" isn't it?  :)


And further, if someone takes time from their day to write, do the mature thing and respond even if it doesn't fit your interests.  We're all adults and should recognize when someone has made a sincere effort to be friendly.


So with that, I'll post this while it's still relatively brief.  Please take time to write something current about yourself.... your dreams, experiences, plans, fears, whatever, as it might attract the right fit for your plans.  Enjoy your day and do write if you like.  I love to hear from people.




With the pandemic continuing, I'm still optimistic that there's light at the end of tunnel.  I am fully vaccinated and ready for some international travel but, so far, many other countries just don't have the COVID situation stabilized yet and most are not accepting tourist without a mandatory quarantine.


I've been hoping to go off to Japan in October but as we get closer, it is beginning to look less likely.  So I have a "plan B" for this fall.  I may just drive to New England during the fall colors where I can enjoy the beauty and shoot many, many photos!  It'd be awesome to have a travel buddy to share some expenses, a few meals, conversation, and if that person is also a photographer, it'd be a plus.


Let me hear from you.  I'm relatively new here and it's been slow getting connected but I think some people are starting to come alive.  I've gotten acquainted with a couple so far and my fingers are crossed that I can find compatible partners to travel with.  We will never know if we're a good match or not without exchanging email and ideas.  So write!

90 days ago 0 comments Categories: Tags: New Member, Musing

Hello everyone!


I am a new member at the Travel Companion Exchange and just want to say hello.  I'm a photographer who lives in the greater Phoenix (Arizona) metro area and I'm hoping to connect with other travelers who either shoot photos or enjoy being a travel buddy that sees the world from a photographer's point of view.


I've noticed that there isn't a lot of activity at TCE.  It's understandable that folks are locked down and don't spend too much time getting ready for their next trip.  But having said that, it is a great time to be active with fellow travelers and share experiences as we prepare for the day when we can venture out again.


Please do take time to view my musings, photographs, and my profile.  I hope to get some feedback too.  Let's get active again and let's be excited that there is light at the end of tunnel.  Just because we're limited at the present moment, doesn't mean that we have to be silent.  Let's share and enjoy what we love!


Take time to write.  I want to get connected and hope that you feel the same way.

189 days ago 0 comments Categories: Tags:

I am looking for a travel companion for oncoming Holidays (Christmas and New Year) dates would be ca 23.12 - 2.1.2021. I strongly believe that in this time of the year everyone should feel loved and give love back. That is why the perfect travel buddy for me would be a nice single girl age 24 - 35. It doesn't have to be romance necessary, just friendship is also ok, we have to get to know each other then we'll see how it goes. Destination is not so relevant, due to this covid pandemic I guess I want to go inside Europe or south close to it - Egypt, Turkey, Middle East etc. I am open for other destinations as well. If you are looking for calm and pleasant company for holidays and can host me at your home that would be great! For those who recognize themselves here, don’t hesitate to check my profile and contact me in directly and we will discuss the details. Looking forward to your message.

671 days ago 0 comments Categories: Tags: Hanoi, RedRiverDelta, Cruise, OldQuarters, Caves, Pearls


Just when I came to know that the USA, after fighting a 10 years long battle, suffrerd a defeat in Vietnam, I became curious about Vietnam and Vietnamese people.                                                                                                                                        USA' military used bombs and even chemical weapons and tried to subjugate North Vietnam.  But, North Vietnam under leadership of their leader Hochi Minh not only fought valiantly but after 10 years of war made USA to withdraw forces from Vietnam.

This made me to plan a visit to see  Vietnam  during December 2017.

909 days ago 0 comments Categories: Tags:

I'm traveling to Istanbul, Turkey in March and looking for travel partner

1838 days ago 1 comments Categories: Tags: Musing, Companions, Travel, and Life


I travel when I can but usually alone. Now I've slowed down a bit and find a companion to share experiences with is something special that I long for. It would be a pleasure to meet someone that felt the same. We could get to know each other while enjoying the travel.

I do not pretend to be an angel. I enjoy my wine in the evening and an occasional toke off my Vape...gave up nicotine a long time ago. I'm a naturist that lived the lifestyle for many years and still enjoy laying in the sun or an occasional sauna.

Easy does it as I stroll through life. You will find me chasing the Sun...and the warmth it radiates. I have supported myself all my life as an entrepreneur and though successful, I no longer enjoy the “cash flow” I once did. My low maintenance standard of living affords me to live in Mexico and Arizona while traveling a bit in the USA as well as some far off place I've never been on occasion. It doesn't enable me to be as generous as I once was nor do I depend on others for their generosity. I seldom stay in hotels but mostly with SERVAS,Couch-surfers, friends, Hostels, Pensions, etc.

My sexual interests are not as strong as they once were...Prostate Cancer and radiation changed that a bit. I still have those desires but needless to say, the passion is more subtle than before. Afternoon Delight is more appealing than an “all niter”

I am cancer free! I walk slower and have intermittent claudation in my legs. Religion does little for me though I respect and honor others that find meaning in their faith. My faith lies in the unseen power behind Nature and within all of us that inhabit this Universe. I give respect to those who don't Complain, Criticize or Compare. We all do a bit but I try to make a concerted effort to accept everyone as an equal with no agenda...just enjoy life! I sleep naked and love to cuddle. I invite you to join me.

2531 days ago 0 comments Categories: General Tags:

Visited relatives and toured the fjords.  Climbed the Pulpit Rock.  The weather was specatular for photography!  My photos are at www.volstads.com/norway Enjoy!

2531 days ago 0 comments Categories: Tags:

I went there for work, but enjoyed the Andean plateau and Lake Titikaka on my time off.  Photos at www.volstads.com/bolivia Enjoy!

2531 days ago 1 comments Categories: Tags:

I'd go back in a heartbeat!  See my photos at www.volstads.com/greenland

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