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Title: Horacio and Family
Category: Companions
Review post - Life in the 2nd Poorest Country the Western Hemisphere: Nicaragua
Life in the 2nd Poorest Country the Western Hemisphere: Nicaragua
3166 days ago 1 comments Categories: Tags: Horacio and his baby girl Zaydita

In 2007 Horacio was one of my English students in Granada Nicaragua. Outgoing, warm, and genuine, Horacio soon took me to his humble home to meet his widowed young mother, Zayda. She had just been diagnosed with advanced ovarion cancer at her tender age of 51.

We three became genuine friends, and although ill, she always insisted on cooking for me.  I went with her  through her first treatments  of chemo;I returned in 2009 to "say good-bye" while she was still coherent; Zayda with all her hospitality, beauty and kindness said "good-bye" for the last time in 2010.

Horacio has since had this lovely little girl, who is the smitten image of her grandmother, Zayda. Her name too, is Zayda. They live in dire poverty, stuggling with dignity to keep the home "afloat", and rice and beans on the table.

Seldom is a complaint uttered, but the loss of Elegant Zayda is a more painful hurt than any an empty stomach.

Learn about the wonder and strength of the valient Nicaragua people, and then visit the tender country and you will be....blessed.

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  •  Brian wrote 3142 Days Ago (positive) 
    I have heard wonderful things too of Nicaragua. A couple of years ago my sister spent some time in the mountains of Guatemala, and had similar things to say.
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