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About Travel Companion Exchange

The original Travel Companion Exchange was the very first travel companion matching service to serve the general public. This current site has its roots in Travel Companion Exchange Inc., a travel companion matching service begun by Jens Jurgen in the 1980s. After purchasing Artsworld, a service matching travel companions specifically for fine art tours, he changed the name and over the course of the next 20 years served over 70,000 travellers with his matching service and informative newsletter. At its height, TCE was receiving over 100 new enquiries a day- and that was by mail!

The TCE service was characterized by deep respect for the individual members and their interest in a meaningful travel experience- their desire to find a compatible travel partner and possibly more. In support of this aim Jens had developed a detailed personal profile, which brought out characteristics of personal tastes and preferences which went a long way towards identifying potential good matches. Final selection was of course up to each member, but the matching process was so successful that Jens used to joke that he was losing all his best members due to his success- they would cancel their memberships because they had found a permanent partner!

And the success brought a certain amount of notice, as well. TCE, and Jens Jurgen as its guiding light, were regularly featured on talk shows and in travel magazines- in fact, it could be said that the highly ethical and responsible way that Jens operated his Travel Companion Exchange did a lot to win respect for the field of dating and companion matching services in general, which was beginning to develop during those years.

In the late 1990s he began the transition to the Internet, but after some years, due to family demands, he decided to withdraw from the activity. In 2003 he refunded the balance of members' subscriptions and took down the website- leaving a void for the many people who had come to rely on Travel Companion Exchange for finding partners to share their love of travel.

Brian Eugene had been a member of TCE in the '80s, and had been impressed by the quality of the service. During his several years of membership, he had many fun and rewarding experiences with women he met through the service, and even struck up friendships with some other men who shared his interests. He eventually met a woman through other contacts who became his travel- and life- partner, and so he let his membership lapse. But he always had warm memories of TCE and what it represented.

In early 2011, an unexpected series of events brought him and Jens in contact again, and Brian eventually proposed that they revive the Travel Companion Exchange service. After further discussions, Jens decided he was not interested in coming out of retirement, but they reached an agreement for Brian to use the travelcompanionexchange.com domain. Brian, for his part, made a commitment to adhere to the same vision and high standards that characterized the original Travel Companion Exchange.

So TCE has risen again, phoenix-like, to serve those who have yet to find the right partner to share their love of travel. It is dedicated to providing an environment with the same respect for its members, the same unique quality of service, and the same attention to the individual.

However, some things have changed! Taking advantage of the great range of capabilities in this newly designed website, there is a significantly expanded profile which helps members identify potentially compatible partners even more accurately. There are automated functions to make the matching process quicker and easier, and a host of features like online chat and blogs and personal travel maps that enhance communication between those looking for someone to share their love of travel.

And, because of the global reach of the Internet, for the first time Travel Companion Exchange has the prospect of becoming a truly international community.

Thank you for your interest. And . . . enjoy your travels!

For more background on the original Travel Companion Exchange, see the article on Wikipedia